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About Elite Physique Transformations, LLC

Founded in 2000, Elite PhysiqueTransformations, LLC  in Douglasville, Georgia started out as a personal training organization for athletes preparing for competition as well as those individuals seeking general fitness improvements.

We continue to offer efficient and effective nutritional and transformation programs that help our clients achieve their best physical form and function. These programs feature the latest health science advancements necessary for athletes and fitness buffs to remain competitive.

Because of our extensive experience in this area, we are able to provide tried-and-tested training methods to our clients, regardless of their age and specific needs. Our goal is to remain proficient in all areas related to competitive and general physique transformations. We are dedicated to helping our clients throughout the entirety of their transformation journey.

Alphonso "Skip" Gillon

Transformation Specialist™, Professional Bodybuilder, and Show Judge

Skip is a passionate bodybuilding athlete, transformation specialist , and show judge with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He prepares physique athletes participating in all categories (i.e. bodybuilding, classic physique, physique, figure, and bikini), whether amateur or professional, to present their best physiques come show day.

Skip is an accomplished professional athlete recognized by the NGA (National Gym Association), IPE (International Pro Elite), and the ANBF (American Natural Bodybuilding Federation, an organization where he is also a promoter).

Cydney Gillon

Professional Figure Athlete

Cydney Gillon is an elite IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) Figure Pro, coming off of a 2nd place finish at the Arnold Classic and 3rd place finish at the Arnold Classic Australia, she is currently considered to be one of the top three figure competitors in the world.

Cyd is known for her presentation skills and has instructed many figure and bikini competitors. To purchase posing sessions from Cyd, log onto the “Services” page, specify the number of sessions you are purchasing, and proceed with the checkout process.

Maurice Benton

Professional Physique Athlete

Maurice is a newly crowned IFBB physique pro, resulting from a top two placing at the 2016 NPC Nationals in Miami, Florida. His posing style is fluid and rhythmic which results in a winning presentation. To purchase posing sessions from Maurice, log onto the “Services” page, specify the number of sessions you are purchasing, and proceed with the checkout process.